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Rape Fantasy

Fantasies also, often serve as a “wish fulfilment” Everyday we have fantasies about somebody we are in love with, meeting our favorite celebrity and so on. The "wish fulfulment" in the case of rape fantasy. or the fantasy of coerced sex could very well be that the person desires a passionate sexual encounter, that they want to feel so desirable that they are unresistable, or have the relief of not having to be in control.
Some of the more common concerns about rape fantasies include the belief that the thoughts and desires are a part of unhealthy masochism, high levels of sex guilt, or may be a reenactment of past sexual abuse. While in reality, there is more data supporting the fact that women who report having rape fantasies have less sex guilt and are more open to a variety of sexual expressions than women not reporting such fantasies. So in short, there’s nothing wrong with you. Furthermore, fantasies and role play do not have to reflect real world desires. Just because you have fantasies about being gang banged by three-legged carnies doesn’t mean you are going to be first in line at the county fair with a pocket full of condoms.
What do rape fantasies mean? In my opinion, they are no different from any other fantasies. They are neither wrong nor perverted. They imply nothing about one's mental health or real-life sexual inclinations. They DO happen to somewhere around half of women.
If you have such fantasies and feel bad about them, I can't tell you how to feel. But I can assure you that you are not alone. Rape or near-rape fantasies are surprisingly common and nothing to be ashamed of. What do you think?
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